Landscaper Sioux Falls

Rod teaches his two boys the art of lawn mowing.

Landscaper Sioux Falls

Hunter's Lawn & Landscape in Sioux Falls

Hunter’s Lawn & Landscape, Inc. was founded by owner/operator Rod Hunter in 2004. Since then, Hunter’s Lawn & Landscape, Inc. has excelled and created a strong name brand in the Sioux Falls community and the surrounding area. Attention to detail, customer service and a passion for turning ordinary lawns into extraordinary lawns makes us your #1 choice when it comes to lawn and landscape maintenance.

Backgrounds and certifications in lawn maintenance, landscape design and build, water feature certification and landscape lighting make us a well-rounded firm that can give our customers every bit of what we promise!

In 2007, Hunter’s Lawn & Landscape, Inc. opened a new venture with the acquisition of Christmas Décor. Christmas Décor is a nationwide franchise specializing in holiday lighting and decorations. Everything from large commercial projects to small and large residential homes, we are the leaders in our field locally and nationally. Top notch training, impeccable service and top quality products, including LED lighting and greenery. From rooftops to walkways we’re lighting the way!

In 2011, Hunter's Lawn & Landscape, Inc. acquired Nite Time Decor. Nite Time Decor is an architectural and landscape lighting company offering a variety of outdoor lighting services that are sure to meet your lighting needs. What sets Hunter's Lawn & Landscape apart from the competition? It’s not quantity but quality! Our uniformed, courteous and knowledgeable crews are ready for any size job. We pride ourselves in our customer service and our professional equipment. "Don’t be fooled...not all mowers are created equal". We use only the best professional equipment and techniques to give you the best results.

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