Sioux Falls Landscaper
Sioux Falls Landscaper

Power Rake

Our power rake service is actually done with a 40” walk-behind power broom. The broom gently and thoroughly lifts unwanted thatch out of the turf areas without damaging sprinkler heads or concrete walks like other machines. Removal of unwanted thatch allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to better mix with your root system, providing a healthier lawn.

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Mowing services are done on a weekly schedule to provide the best results. Service includes mowing all turf areas between 2.75” and 3.75”, bag clippings (when needed), trim all turf areas and blow off all walks and driveways of debris and clippings. Sharp blades are refreshed on each mower daily to give best cutting results. Call today to schedule a mowing service in Sioux Falls or the surrounding communities!

Sioux Falls Landscaper

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Core aeration is a recommended lawn practice for compacted, heavily used turf areas and to control thatch buildup. Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs from your lawn about ½” to ¾” in diameter. The soil cores are then deposited on your lawn to break down over time. Aeration increases water nutrients and oxygen movement into the soil improving rooting and healthier turf.

Sioux Falls Landscaper
Sioux Falls Landscaper

core aeration

Landscape Lighting

Landscape design & Building

A full spring and/or fall clean up is essential for a clean and healthy property. This service includes pruning of landscape bed shrubs and perennials, clean out of leaves and debris from flower beds, power broom (power rake) all turf areas, mow, bag and remove all debris from the property. This is an all in one service that will give your property a fresh start to the next season and saves you a backache.

Hunter's Lawn & Landscape has many years experience creating unique and beautiful outdoor living spaces for the residents and businesses of Sioux Falls. Contact us today to get a quote on a custom design that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

NiteTime Decor offers a variety of outdoor lighting services in Sioux Falls that are sure to meet your lighting needs. Each property has its own unique personality and our professional installers are trained to know what applications are going to have the greatest benefit for your landscape while maximizing your budget.